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The Data Cleaning Experts

Ultramation is at the forefront of data cleaning. The software is custom built and always kept up to date. This ensures we can offer a data-safe cleaning service that is beyond any of our competitors.

Data Cleaning & Processing

Color in Mail offers a full in-house data processing service. Using the Ultramation software application we are able to check and clean an entire address. We have the skills to process almost any form of database or file format for laser printing and mailing purposes.

We are able to extract full files, enhance (fixes names, titles and addresses) and manipulate data required for personalised letter printing, or any other form of printing where variable data is required.

Address Checking (PAMSS Certification)

We offer mailing address management services by using Post Office approved address checking software along with our sophisticated verification program.

The program allows CIM to deliver to SAPO, in packed labelled trays which confirm SAPO’s precise requirements and no further intervention is required, therefore delivery goes straight to outgoing destinations, making it the most efficient mail delivery available. Clients whose databases meet Post Office standards will receive a Post Office PAMSS certification which will allow certain levels of discounts on postage costs.

Nixie Capturing & Management

Color in Mail provides a Nixie capturing service, designed for dealing with return mails and capturing the reason they returned. This will assist you in maintaining your computer facilities ever growing database. This maintenance is essential in ensuring only relevant customer information gets stored on your database.

Nixie alerts will then inform you whose details need updating; this is when you can then launch your new campaign to retrieve the correct details from clients or alternatively send the data to be updated without contacting the client.

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